ПАРТНЕРЫ OEM (и решения)

Многие компании используют набор разработчика ESPRIT для быстрого создания многофункциональных CAD/CAM приложений для решения собственных или специализированных коммерческих задач. OEM-версия может включать любой уровень функциональности ESPRIT. В результате получается мощное, высококачественное, кастомизированное программное решение.

    ECamo closely follows the Windows GUI standard. It is simply operated in dialogic operation and has easy machine settings, such as machining path pattern, approach and return. This software also has a dynamic simulation in 3D, which checks interference, calculates real time tool paths, as well as high-speed simulations. ECamo reads all major CAD data files and contains a library of the users tools and processes.

Star Micronics Co., LTD.
Shizuoka, Japan

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    Imao Corporation's Information Division provides comprehensive information systems ranging from CAD/CAM/CAE to multimedia content and virtual reality technologies. This division supports our customers with total solutions, including systems introduction consulting, systems architecture, education and training, and post-introduction maintenance services.

IMAO Corporation

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    Num manufactures a complete product range of numerical controls, axis and spindle motors as well as axis drives. Num also provides CNC applications tailored to the customer’s requirements and high tech CNC application solutions for specific industry sectors.

Num controls have an open, scalable architecture that are able to meet all needs, from the simplest to the most complex. In addition to CNC systems, Num proposes a wide choice of drives and motors.

Num S.A. / Schneider Electric

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    WoodMill offers Panel Based Machining for use in furniture manufacturing. The software allows programmers to easily apply industry specific operations such as dowel holes, open slot sawing, and shelf holes to the panel. An advanced nesting option will produce several products out of one panel by automatically nesting them, calculating the optimum quantity location for each product on the panel. WoodMill supports all types of special “form” tools used in cutting wood and uses the exact tool shape for accurate simulation. Knowledge Based Machining automatically optimizes drilling holes for the user’s drilling unit configuration and saves proven machining techniques so they can be applied to future jobs.

WoodMill Somatech Applicaties B.V.
Ede, The Netherlands

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    Xsil is a world-leading provider of innovative laser micro-machining systems for high volume manufacturing in the semiconductor Industry. Our enabling technology provides customers high throughput production capability for cost-effective, chip-free dicing and drilling vias in thin silicon and scribing of low-k materials. Xsil's laser micro-machining system technology is based on our core competencies of optical and laser system design, robotic vision systems, mechanical and electrical design, software design, and material handling.

Xsil Ltd
Dublin, Ireland

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    The SARIX technology is applied on a very large applications range: engine injectors, spinnerets for the textile industry, fiber-optical connectors, micro-mechanic machining, fine machining for the watch and for the micro-electronic industries, micro-mould making, stamping tools and all other fields where the utmost precision machining is required.

Today, MicroEDM technology offers concrete advantages in several industries. EDM technology is a well-established high technology, but all its interesting potential has not yet been exhausted. For example, in micro metal machining, SARIX is a pioneer in opening up new paths.

SARIX offers flexible equipment at an affordable price, with huge potential still to be discovered. If you are looking for new solutions to your requirements, you will find new fields of application, for which there has been no solution until now.

Sarix SA
Losogne, Switzerland

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